Baptiste Meurant

Software craftsman, full stack developer, architect at Worldline, open source enthousiast

Experienced full-stack developer in Javascript, Java and platform architect. Passionate about technology, I try to be a pragmatic professional. Open source convinced, strong supporter of IoC, loose coupling, light containers, Single Page Applications oriented designs, REST architectures ... I do promote these principles and good practices inside and outside my company.

I strongly believe in software craftsmanship principles and, in my professional life, I don't like anything more than working with motivated and passionate people. I like learning from people, teaching them and debate with my peers about technologies, designs, architectures, ...

I worked for international companies, mainly on large projects of several teams - as developer, technical expert and architect. I used to promote, setup and support newest and best suited technologies for these projects. I help people working, learning and improving themselves. I try to bring more efficiency, productivity, pleasure and pride to people I work with.

Things I do

  • All my open source activities & experimentations can be found on my Github profile. It includes many contributions to emberjs community, addons, tools and core projects.
  • I write and maintain a complete emberjs training (in french). Its goal is to provide an in-depth introduction to emberjs through its various parts. It can be followed as an autonomous tutorial but also to serve as a tool for presential training.
  • I write and maintain an emberjs addon ember-array-contains-helper. This addon offers a new helper to test the presence of an object inside an array, in a context of logicless templating.
  • I modestly contributed to emberjs core (see here) and ecosystem

Things I have done

  • I used to be a core contributor & leader of RESTHub project, open source stack & boilerplate based on Spring, Backbone, Hibernate. Project is not maintained anymore.
  • I designed & wrote RESTHub tutorials for both backend and frontend
  • Long time ago, I wrote some Spring, Tapestry & Hibernate tutorials (in french) to introduce these tools and teach people how to use and integrate them together. These tutorials have been translated by the Apache Tapestry team (see here)


Spring Framework
Spring Portfolio
JPA & Hibernate
Databases & SQL

Architecture & Methodology

REST & lightweight SOA
Single Page Applications
Test Driven Development


React/Redux (learning)


Apr 2010 - Present

Transversal Software Architect

In charge of software architecture and web platform design. As main architect, my job is to design, support teams and manage technical quality.

Particular focus on: design for extension, capacity to evolve, easy to maintain, performances, robustness, reliability

Promoting craftsmanship, pragmatic innovation, technical excellence.

Oct 2009 - Present

Core committer, project leader

RESThub is an open source stack based on Spring and Backbone.js designed to build HTML5 applications easily and efficiently. It provides tooling, libraries and documentation in order to build modular web applications with client side state, stateless server and REST webservices or Websocket communication between both.

RESThub project is not maintained anymore. Spring Boot surpassed it in many ways.

May 2008 - Apr 2010

Software Architect

In charge of design, architecture and solutions fo web application and services platforms.

Jul 2006 - May 2008

Application Manager

Specifications, Design, Programing, Technical and Functional Support, Production Monitoring of applications. Web applications, infrastructures platforms (mailing, etc.)

Oct 2005 - Jul 2006

Software engineer

Analysis, software and database design for a new solution for managing commercial offers of France Telecom Business Services. Partners management.